Toldot 5781 – True Strength

Esau is surely one of the most tragic figures of the Bible.

He is a simple man, whose robust nature leads him to rejoice in his own health, strength and energy.  Esau loves to hunt. He celebrates the outdoors! Esau is a man of impulse.  Like Rambo or John Wayne, Esau thrives on his tremendous power, his physical […]


Feed My Starving Children

Feed My Starving Children was a huge success for the Kehillah. Twenty-one members of Kehillat Chaverim volunteered their time to pack meals for the organization. We gathered at their Richardson location, listened to a brief orientation and set of instructions, donned our hairnets, washed our hands, and started packing meals for El Salvador.

Some people scooped […]


Beha’alotcha 5779 – Was That Really Fair

This week’s Parsha, Beha’alotcha, is filled with many topics and many messages. Such a diverse Parsha, to be suitable for a D’var, must be limited in scope. I have chosen to focus on complaints and Lashon Hara (idle gossip). Although the slave nation that left Egypt witnessed one miracle after another, far be it from […]

Shemot 5779

Shemot is the story of Moses and the people Israel.  It is also called the Exodus.  But literally, Shemot means “Names”.  But what is… in a Name?  G-d gives a name to the first man, Adam.  One of the important tasks which G-d gave to
Adam, was to name the plants and animals of the Earth.  […]


Vayishlach 5779 – Think You Have Problems?

Jacob’s journey through life continues. He has already
encountered one struggle after another. After leaving home at a young age he
has to deal with the likes of Laban. Laban continually tries to cheat Jacob,
but Jacob prevails. Not only with respect to marriage, but also regarding just
compensation for his many years of service to Laban which resulted […]

Naso – 5778 – Naso

The word Naso/Nasso means to ‘Take a Census’ or to ‘Lift Up’. While the idea of counting our people seems somewhat mundane it was actually an important  aspect in the evolution of the Israelites.  It’s also kind of funny to think that in order to take a Census we need to COUNT AND we should […]