Metzorah 5781 – Guard Your Tongue from Evil

Everyone is born with a powerful weapon which can be used both for good and evil. This weapon is your tongue. Your tongue is used to create thousands of words every day, and each word has the power to harm or to heal, to hurt or to help. In this week’s Torah portion, we learn […]

Shemini 5781 – The Sound of Silence

Last week the Torah, in Parshat Tzav, described the dedication ceremony for the Mishkan (Tabernacle) and the inauguration of Aaron and his sons as kohanim. This week’s parasha, Parashat Shemini, picks up on the eighth day as Aaron and his sons begin to officiate as kohanim. It happens to be one of those parahsa’s that have always troubled me. I know this D’Var might will […]

Shabbat Pesach Day 7 – Beshallah – Do Miracles Really Happen

Do you believe in miracles? Two things come to my mind when I think of miracles: Parsha Beshalach and Jacob Lefkovitz. This week’s Parsha is Beshalach. It mentions a number of purported miracles that occurred. The sea split to allow the Israelites to safely pass through and avoid the onslaught of the pursuing Egyptians. The […]

Tsav 5781 – Tsav and Sacrifices

This week’s Torah portion is Tsav. It is the 6th word and means command.  G-d tells Moses to describe the ritual of the burnt offerings to Aaron, which the priests are to perform. Then the priests undergo the process of ordination.

G-d commands Moses to command Aaron and his sons to do rituals of burnt offerings […]

Vayikra 5781 – Hearing the Call

The latest of my forays into my future post-career life is teaching ESL – English as a second language – to a group of adults. While I’m still working, my 70th birthday looms. Time waits for no one. So as I prepare for what comes next in my life, I’ve ventured into several activities as […]

Ki Tisa 5781 – Who Wrote the Torah

One of the arguments separating different contemporary communities of Jews is the contention about who (or Who) wrote the Torah.  Is the Torah the direct transcript of the words of God to Moses at Sinai, so that each and every word recorded in that book is the speech of God literally?  Or is the Torah […]

Parashat Tetzaveh – 5781

You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.  The case in point is our recent deep freeze, in which many of us lost electricity and water service.  Water and electricity are some of modern life’s daily essentials that we take for granted until a new reality confronts us as we huddle for warmth and […]

Terumah 5781 – The First Fundraiser

In parshah Terumeh, the Israelites change from a people who always complained in order to get something to a people who had to work together to build the Mishkan. Here, God gave them something else entirely. It had nothing to do with physical needs and everything to do with psychological, moral, and spiritual needs. God […]

Mishpatim 5781 – They are Us – We are Them

I am fortunate to give this D’var since it is usually delivered by Joel who is on the Dallas Hebrew Free Loan Association board or Iris a former president of the Dallas Hebrew Free Loan Association. If there is time following the D’var -would Joel or Iris say a few words following the D’var about […]

Yitro 5781 – A Vision for the Front Lines

“Don’t tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results”.  General George S. Patton

In this week’s Parasha, Moses’ father-in-law, Jethro (Yitro), receives word about all the miracles occurring with a bunch of wandering Israelite slaves under the direction of his son-in-law.  Jethro travels from his […]