Terumah 5781 – The First Fundraiser

In parshah Terumeh, the Israelites change from a people who always complained in order to get something to a people who had to work together to build the Mishkan. Here, God gave them something else entirely. It had nothing to do with physical needs and everything to do with psychological, moral, and spiritual needs. God […]

Mishpatim 5781 – They are Us – We are Them

I am fortunate to give this D’var since it is usually delivered by Joel who is on the Dallas Hebrew Free Loan Association board or Iris a former president of the Dallas Hebrew Free Loan Association. If there is time following the D’var -would Joel or Iris say a few words following the D’var about […]

Yitro 5781 – A Vision for the Front Lines

“Don’t tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results”.  General George S. Patton

In this week’s Parasha, Moses’ father-in-law, Jethro (Yitro), receives word about all the miracles occurring with a bunch of wandering Israelite slaves under the direction of his son-in-law.  Jethro travels from his […]

Beshalach 5781 – The Joy of Judaism

“Did you know that when someone starts on a journey, it’s actually good luck to throw a shoe at them?”   Tony Hsieh in Phil Knight’s, Shoe Dog, 2016

A belief in one G-d, observing Shabbat or other Jewish holidays, baking a challah, or simply performing a mitzvah, is a joyful expression of Jewish values. Torah has […]

Parsha Bo 5781 – Slaves & Plaques

“Don’t criticize what you can’t understand.”
Bob Dylan – The Times They are a Changin’

This week’s Parsha includes the final three plagues that G-D created for the benefit of the Israelites and imposed upon Pharaoh to let the Israelite Slaves GO (HENCE BO! – BO MEANS GO!)   So what did slavery look like back in the […]

Vayechi 5781 – Foregiveness

After being sold into slavery by his brothers, Joseph certainly had cause to hold a grudge against them. Joseph must decide what path he should take in establishing a new relationship with his brothers, one of forgiveness and acceptance or one of vengeance and retribution. In all the years that had gone by without contact […]

Vayigash – 5781 – Begin with Forgiveness

“Change isn’t made by asking permission. Change is made by asking forgiveness, later”   Seth Godin

This week’s Parsha begins with Judah, in the presence of his brothers, pleading with the viceroy of Egypt, that his brother Benjamin be set free after Benjamin steals a silver cup from Pharaoh upon his last visit to the Egyptian palace. […]

Vayishlach 5781 – Jacob, Hardships and Blessings

Nancy and I received a text last week before Thanksgiving from a well-meaning cousin. She sent it to several people in the family. The thrust of the message was that we should be thankful for struggles because they make us stronger. And on and on it went about different types of struggles – physical, emotional, […]

Vayetze 5781

What dreams may come

Have your dreams gotten stranger since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic? According to Dr. Deirdre Barrett, psychologist and dream researcher at Harvard, “any crisis tends to stir up our dream lives.”

In her interview on Science Friday on NPR, Dr. Barrett “That’s been ongoing since the start of the pandemic. But most […]

Vaera 5781

Have you had your Covid-19 vaccine yet? Are you planning on getting the series yourself? What kind of messages have you heard about the vaccines? Are you skeptical? Do you trust the person who is giving you the information about the vaccine?

Parasha Vaera opens with Moses talking to G-d, who has just told him that […]