Kehillaht Chaverim Happenings

Covid-19 Update

During the Covid-19 shelter in place, the Kehillah is offering a weekly Kabbalat Shabbat service using Zoom each Friday evening from 6:00-6:30 pm on the Kehillah Zoom Channel and Shabbat morning services at 10:00 am both in person and on the Kehillah Zoom Channel. If you are interested in attending our services from your home, please send an email to to obtain the Zoom access information.

Education Programs

Two courses are being offered by the Kehillah. Each course is taught on alternating Monday evenings at 7:30 pm on the Kehillah Zoom Channel.  Email for information on accessing the Kehillah Zoom Channel. Visit the Education Page for a complete description of the courses.

Ethics & Holiness in the 21st Century, taught by Rabbi Michele Sullum

Israel: Facts and Myths, taught by Fred Nathan

Date / Time Class Instructor
November 16, 2020 Israel: Facts and Myths Fred Nathan
November 23, 2020 Ethics & Holiness in the 21st Century Rabbi Michele Sullum
November 30, 2020 Israel: Facts and Myths Fred Nathan
December 7, 2020 Ethics & Holiness in the 21st Century Rabbi Michele Sullum
December 14, 2020 Israel: Facts and Myths Fred Nathan
December 21, 2020 Ethics & Holiness in the 21st Century Rabbi Michele Sullum

Face Mask Project

The Kehillah has formed a formed a sewing circle and the Kehillah has allocated some money from the tzedakah fund so our community can participate in this amazing Tzedakah project. The mask-making challenge, spearheaded by the North Texas Mask Force, puts health care clinics, senior centers, and childcare facilities in need of masks in touch with sewers who can make masks for them. NextDoor links sewers with private individuals are at high risk for infection or who live or work with those who are high risk. ….Read More

The Kehillah participated in Feed My Starving Children on June 20th. Read the article in the Texas Jewish Post.

Read about the Kehillah in Harriet P. Gross’s In My Minds I column in the Texas Jewish Post. Her March 28 column, Keeping the ‘community’ in Judaism captures the essence of our Kehillah.[/fusion_text]


We are an independent Minyan that operates on Shabbat mornings, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, and the Yom Tov mornings of Sukkot, Pesach and Shavuot.



On May 4, 2013 a small group of Conservative Jews decided they didn’t want to leave their davening community for Shabbat morning services and a new community was formed.



Our Kehilla provides opportunities for people to grow and strengthen their ties to Judaism.    Learn more what people like about Kehillat Chaverim and enjoy some of our member teachings.



Kehillah 5 Year Anniversary

Thank you for the honor of addressing you on this very special milestone in the life of our kehillah.

As you know by now, I always try to extract lessons from the Torah even though I […]


Terumah 5781 – The First Fundraiser

In parshah Terumeh, the Israelites change from a people who always complained in order to get something to a people who had to work together to build the Mishkan. Here, God gave them something else […]