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Ethics & Holiness in the 21st Century 

The Book of Ruth, unlike most Biblical narratives, offers insights into the daily lives of the Israelites during the period of the Judges. It is a story of love and loyalty which begins in tragedy and ends in happiness and hope for a better future. The heroines, Ruth, a Moabite woman, who converts to Judaism and her mother-in-law Naomi, present perhaps the most beautiful story in all the Bible. Her values and that of her second husband Boaz, of loyalty, caring and good deeds help us understand why her great grandson David Is chosen to be King of Israel and a descendant of theirs will one day be proclaimed as the Messiah.

The Book of Esther, referred to by all as the Megillah (the scroll), is a fascinating story of intrigue with plot within plot. Many scholars question whether the narrative ever really occurred but it’s theme of anti-semitism is still occurring and so it’s relevance continues to this very day.

Esther is is a reluctant Heroine and her adoptive father Mordechai’s actions leading to the possible genocide of Persia’s Jews, requires serious discussion.

Both books don’t dwell on God’s involvement but rather on human reaction to serious situations. In fact God is not even mentioned in the Book of Esther.

The course is taught on Tuesday evenings at 7:30 over Zoom. To obtain the Zoom link for the course, please email

Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments course is taught by Larry Tobin and will continue where the course left off once the Kehillah returns to meeting for in-person minyans.