Parashat Pekudei 5784 – Do Colors Matter?

By: Susan Moger

In this parshah there is mention of many colors as required for mishkan, the tabernacle, the altar, the Torah covers, and their garments.

Sash of linen in turquoise, purple and scarlet wool, of an embroiderer’s craft.

Robe’s hem they made with pomegranate design of turquoise, purple and scarlet wool, twisted.

They made bells of pure gold amid the pomegranates on the hem of the Robe.

Colored stones

Breastplate made of chains with gold settings and gold rings placed on the ends of the Breastplate.

Copper Altar

Gold, turquoise, purple and scarlet wool and linen twisted.

The colored stones were encircled in gold.

They made shohan stones encircled with gold settings like the engraving of a signet ring according to the names of the sons of Israel.

The color purple may have is place in the Mishkan and clothing of the ancient Priests, so people notice it.

Purple is a mix of red and blue. Perhaps indicating how we seek G-d. We view colors separately and comgined symbolizing ourr

Torah covers can be blue, maroons, texture, with braided gold trim. What does that add to our shul experience.

On the HH they are white, is white no color, or deliberately white, is that heavenly, ethereal, what does it mean to us?

When in mourning we wear black, does wearing black make us sad, feel solemn, does it make us feel better. What does that add to the experience of loss and mourning to wear black?

When we dress for shul, do we chose one color over another with any kind of meaning? We usually dress casual, yet often dress up for shul. Wearing a dress, different attire than the rest of the week, I feel different, better when I dress up. It makes shul a special event and it is.

What color is your shabbat? Things to think about. There is a biblical significance to colors and textures. We feel differently when wearing linen, cotton. Or wool. Perhaps the shabbat experience is different if we dress in turquoise, purple, scarlet and gold. There may be a different experience of spirituality when dressed in these colors or a white experience and a black experience, different with each color or a blend of colors,  let’s enjoy a colorful shabbat. Is there a color that will bring peace?

When I feel blue, should I wear blue? Would everyone know I was feeling blue?

Let us continue to pray for peace in The Ukraine and in Israel.

Wishing you a colorful Shabbat shalom

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