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Bamidbar: Posthumous Fame

A few weeks ago Alan introduced us to a D’var Torah written by artificial intelligence of ChatGPT. There is also a Jewish artificial intelligence website called Kosher.chat. It is described as being according to halacha and screens for antisemitic remarks. Here is a Dvar Torah written by Kosher.chat on Parshah Bamidbar.

In Parshah Bamidbar, we learn […]

Shemini – 5783 – Numbers and Parashat Shemini: Do the Math

This week’s Parashah Shemini includes numbers. I did not use ChatGPT for today’s D’var Torah, tempting as it may have been. I did find an intriguing, to me, D’var Torah from 4 years ago. It was written and delivered by Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis. He serves as the Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations to […]

Tzav – 5783 – Honoring Our Teachers with our 10th Anniversary Education Awards

The teachers of the Kehillat Chaverim: Rabbi Michele Sullum, recipient of the Kehillat Chaverim 10th Anniversary Award Golda Meier Award for Excellence in Teaching and Fred Nathan and Larry Tobin, recipients of the Kehillat Chaverim 10th Anniversary Maimonides Awards for Excellence in Teaching

Let’s begin our D’var Torah today since we all want to end on […]

Terumah 5783 – Bibi and My Mum

The first 2 verses of Parashat Terumah read: G-d spoke to Moses, saying:  Tell the Israelite people to bring me gifts; you shall accept gifts for me from every person whose heart is so moved.

By asking for donations, Tzidaka, G-d invites everyone in the community–rich and poor, old and young, wise and innocent–to participate in […]

Shemot 5783 – We Shall Overcome

There will not be a dvar Torah today, there will be a dvarette or a dvarala, if you prefer.

Shemot, names. There are many names you will recognize that you will be hearing in a few minutes in today’s Torah Reading.

In exile in Egypt, the Jewish people increased in number from being a family to become […]

Ha’zinu 5783 – Past and Future

Today’s Torah portion is Ha’azinu, the 2nd to last portion, getting near the end of the Torah. The sidra begins with the song/poem that Moses introduced at the end of the last Parashah, Vayelech. Through a variety of metaphors, G-d’s faithfulness to the Israelites in the past and into the future is extolled. This contrasts […]

Tsav 5781 – Tsav and Sacrifices

This week’s Torah portion is Tsav. It is the 6th word and means command.  G-d tells Moses to describe the ritual of the burnt offerings to Aaron, which the priests are to perform. Then the priests undergo the process of ordination.

G-d commands Moses to command Aaron and his sons to do rituals of burnt offerings […]

Noach – 5781 and Blessing of the Animals

Noah was a righteous man of his generation. We don’t what others were like and if it is a compliment to Noah or that he was being compared to other biblical characters.  We do know that Noah did just as Gold commanded him to build an ark by precise dimensions 300 cubits long, 50 cubits […]

Ki Tetzei – 5780

Ki Tetzei means when you go. This portion is filled with laws and regulations to establish moral and legal order of the land the Israelites will enter. There are more mitzvot in this parshah than any others, 74 of the 613 commandments are found here. The parshah also includes acts of tzedakah.

The reading begins with […]

Tazria 5779 – Or the Spiritual Disease Indicators

Tazria is about the laws for ritual purity regarding childbirth, leprosy, and garments.   I read the parshah looking for something of interest to me.  Those of you hoping to hear about leprosy of the skin, will be disappointed. The most interesting thing to me is that Tazria and next week’s Parsha, Metzora, are the least […]