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Haazinu 5780 – He Sang The Song That Made The Young Girls Cry

Haazinu Hashamayim Va’adaberah: “Incline your ear, O Heaven, and I will speak.”  This begins the song  that Moshe is instructed by G-d to prepare for the children of Israel. Why Haazinu rather than Shema?  The word haazin connotes a greater readiness to perceive and accept that which is being spoken than  does the word shema […]

Rosh Hashanah Day 1 5780 – It Seems Like Only Yesterday

It seems like only yesterday. However, seventy-five, eighty years have passed since the Holocaust.  My  heart bleeds when I think about the loss of my ancestors. My soul cries out in pain for them and the millions who were slaughtered.  What was their sin to lead to such a terrible end?  Being Jewish? They were flesh and blood […]

Vaetchanan 5779 – Oy Such a Wonderful Parasha

Va’eschanan means and I pled. Who pled and to whom? Pled for what? What was the result? Before I delve further into this, allow me to briefly discuss a matter of interest. It is stated in a Midrash that Moshe offered 515 prayers to Hashem to beg to be allowed to enter the Promised Land. […]

Beha’alotcha 5779 – Was That Really Fair

This week’s Parsha, Beha’alotcha, is filled with many topics and many messages. Such a diverse Parsha, to be suitable for a D’var, must be limited in scope. I have chosen to focus on complaints and Lashon Hara (idle gossip). Although the slave nation that left Egypt witnessed one miracle after another, far be it from […]

Shabbat HaGadol 5779 – What’s the Connection?

So today is Shabbat Hagadol—The Great Shabbat. Guess I’m supposed to give a long Drash. Sorry to disappoint you, but that isn’t about to happen. Let’s start with some basics. What is Shabbat Hagadol and what makes it so great? It turns out that the first Shabbat Hagadol was actually observed in Egypt five days […]

Tetzaveh 5779 – STONED ON TETZAVEH

STONED ON TETZAVEHI just get back from Disney World and I find an email from Alan. Will I give a Dvar on February 16th? Sure! Why bother checking what I’m getting myself into. Tetzaveh? Isn’t that the Parsha that describes the priestly garments? How will I ever turn this into a good Dvar? After minutes […]

Vayigash 5779 – I Always Like a Happy Ending

Last week in Parshat Miketz we learned about the trials and
tribulations of Joseph in Egypt as he  progressed
from inmate to number two man in Egypt. We learned about the entry into Egypt
of ten of his brothers seeking grain and supplies. This was followed by the
detaining of Simon by Joseph as the  other
brothers were sent back […]

Vayishlach 5779 – Think You Have Problems?

Jacob’s journey through life continues. He has already
encountered one struggle after another. After leaving home at a young age he
has to deal with the likes of Laban. Laban continually tries to cheat Jacob,
but Jacob prevails. Not only with respect to marriage, but also regarding just
compensation for his many years of service to Laban which resulted […]

Toldot 5779

So, Isaac and Rebecca wanted a child. OK. Nothing unusual about that. Well, nothing unusual accept for the fact that they produced twins. Esau and Jacob. But these were no ordinary twins. Rebecca experienced an unusually hard labor. Why? Because the twins seemed to be fighting in her womb. And this began the saga of Jacob […]


Robert Bowers—

Your name brings a bitter taste to my mouth.

Antisemite. Jew hater. Abomination.

Attacker of innocent people.                     

 People who did you no

Murderer of G-d’s beloved children.

Curse you and all who are like you.

Your punishment from man may be swift.

It may be of short duration.

But your punishment from our G-d —

Will be eternal and everlasting.

You have caused […]