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Toldot 5779

So, Isaac and Rebecca wanted a child. OK. Nothing unusual about that. Well, nothing unusual accept for the fact that they produced twins. Esau and Jacob. But these were no ordinary twins. Rebecca experienced an unusually hard labor. Why? Because the twins seemed to be fighting in her womb. And this began the saga of Jacob […]


Robert Bowers—

Your name brings a bitter taste to my mouth.

Antisemite. Jew hater. Abomination.

Attacker of innocent people.                     

 People who did you no

Murderer of G-d’s beloved children.

Curse you and all who are like you.

Your punishment from man may be swift.

It may be of short duration.

But your punishment from our G-d —

Will be eternal and everlasting.

You have caused […]

Rosh Hashanana 5779 Day 1 – Sorry But All of Our Representatives are Currently Busy

So, it’s that time of the year again. It’s time to draw closer to G-d. It’s time to pray that the upcoming year is a good year. But how do we attain this lofty goal? Our High Holiday prayers conveniently provide the magic formula. Just do these three things and watch any bad decree miraculously […]

Vaetchanan 5778 – Belief / Faith / Comfort

This D’var is dedicated to the memory of my father and to everyone who has lost someone of significance.

Vaeschanan. What a noteworthy Parsha filled with a plethora of major topics.  It readily lends itself to a D’var Torah. Moses, nearing death, gathers the B’nai Yisroel for his final speech. He does this while standing on […]

Matot – Masei – 5778

The purpose of this D’var will be to discuss some of the more intriguing aspects of Matot and Masei. Both Parshas are not only interesting, but also extremely informative regarding the Torah way of handling some very sensitive issues. I will point out their significance to the present day. Additionally, I will try to dispel […]

A Yizkor Prayer

Our G-d and G-d of our ancestors,
We pray to You on this Yizkor day
on behalf of our departed loved ones.
We ask that You forgive them
for any transgressions they committed.
That you accept our prayers and elevate
their souls to new heavenly heights.
For You are a loving and merciful G-d
Who listens to all of our prayers.
Blessed are You […]

Behar-Bechukotai – 5778 – Shmita & Yovel: Conservation & Fairness

Parshat Behar describes the laws of Shmita and Yovel. Shmita is involved with ecology. Every seven years the land is given a Sabbatical. G-d tells the Jewish people that just like he gave them Shabbat, so too should they give the land a Shabbat. Every seventh year the land is to be allowed to sit […]

The Case for Yom Tov Sheini

Yom Tov Sheini (not to be confused with Pesach Sheini) observes the second day of Pesach, Succos and Shavuos as a Yom Tov. It is a long-standing tradition dating back at least 2000 years and perhaps as early as the time of Joshua. There was originally grave concern regarding the actual timing of holidays and […]

Vayakhel-Pikudei 5778: We Can Do it Together

Today I will speak to you about the dual Parshaot: Vayakhel – Pikudei. Both relate to the building of the Mishkan and the collection of materials for its construction.

You will please recall that when the Jewish people left Egypt, they took with them great wealth bestowed upon them by the Egyptians. Not everyone, however, left […]