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Chukat-Balak 5780 – A Belief in G-d

So just how many people does it take to change a light bulb?
-reform synagogue two people (first man and then the woman turns the bulb)
-conservative synagogue – it’s done by committee
-orthodox synagogue – they don’t change anything

“People underestimate their capacity for change. There is never a right time to do a difficult thing.”

-Author, John Porter

For […]

Achrei Mot-Kedoshim 5780 – Love they Neighbor…From a Distance

There are so many many interesting aspects to this week’s parsha such as the meaning and interpretation of the deaths of Nadav and Avihu, Aarons sons who got too close to the inner chamber of the sanctuary or why we are not to eat the blood of animals or who we are not to sleep […]

Tetzaveh 5780 – Torah Gives Us Fashion – Right?

As we know from last week’s D’var, G-d ultimately wants to dwell among the community of Israel so the Tabernacle continues it’s construction – it supposedly took about two years. Today’s parasha is about Kohein-clothing amongst a few other topics.

Clothing is very personal. We identify ourselves with it. Just ask my 2-1/2 year old ‘roommate’ […]

Vaera – 5780 – Leadership With Purpose

Every Shabbat we have the opportunity to listen to congregants speak about a particular area of the parsha that informs, reminds us or get’s us thinking about an idea or particular  topic. It is a privilege to share D’var’s with the Kehilat. This week’s parsha inspired me to consider the topic of leadership.

There are many […]

Chayei Sara 5780 – Go Forward

How long do we or should we grieve and follow the process of bereavement for the loss of a loved one?

While I am not an expert on the topic of grieving nor follower/student of Dr. Joel Roffman or David Kessler (grief experts), I turned to what all of us Kehilah scholars may do to find […]

Mator-Massei 5779 – Words

How did we arrive at todays parshat Matot-Massei from the Exodus?

Here is a quick and a very abbreviated summary of highlights:  130 to 400 years of  enslavement in Egypt; approximately 600,000 Israelites flee in Exodus from Egypt following plagues; witness miracles from G-d (like waters parting, thunderous clouds);  collude to build a golden calf; Moses […]

Sh’lach 5779 – Believe It or Not

In this weeks parasha Shelach (which means to send, send to you, send for yourself)  God commands Moses to send 12 men (SPIES) – to check out the promised land before the Israelites enter the land.As explained in the parasha the results of this expedition were less than remarkable for at least 10 of the […]

Shemini 5779 – One Decision

As a Citizen Support Team member with the Dallas County Sheriff Reserves I volunteer with sworn deputy sheriffs who are trained, licensed, and insured to carry guns. Recently I visited the Dallas County Quartermaster. For those who may not know – the Quartermaster provides uniforms and equipment for peace officers (police, first responders, sheriffs). When […]

Mishpatim 5779 – They are Us -We are Them

I am fortunate to give this D’var since it is usually delivered by Joel or Iris as they sit on the board of the Dallas Hebrew Free Loan Association.  I’d like it if Joel would say a few words at the end of the D’var about DHFLA.

How is a moral and just society built?  One […]

Vayechi 5779 – Living With Purpose

The Ishmaelites galloped off with a slave in tow, off to Egypt where
Joseph was not keen to go; it wouldn’t be a picnic he could tell.

Joseph: And I don’t speak Egyptian very
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Psychologist Daniel
Kahneman, Nobel Prize winner and one of the founders of behavioral economics, gave a TED talk on why […]