Devarim 5780 Barbara Streisand Parody

By: Dr. Bill Sutker

In our Parshah, Moses began the first of three discourses to the children of Israel. He talks about the The Way We Were. It isn’t surprising that he started his farewell speech with the Memory of what he and the people have been through together.   He thought The Children Will Listen now.  He told them that following the exodus from Egypt they would be Free Again. The people knew they were going Somewhere, but they did not know where.  He also reminded them that God gave the promised land to the Jewish people.  The people thought, Happy Days Are Here Again.

Moses was not able to settle to all conflicts that the people Tell Him, so he established a system of courts to settle disputes.

Moses assured the people many times not to be afraid but rather to trust in God. They should stop complaining and whining. There should be No More Tears because Enough is Enough is Enough.

Moses sent the spies to check out the land to which they were headed and instructed them to report back on what they found. To their negative report, he replied: Don’t Lie to Me, What Kind of Fool do you think I am?

Moses reminded the children of Israel they were frequently rebellious and Guilty of not listening to God.  They fought amongst themselves but there was no more time for Being at War with Each Other

God saw that most of those who were slaves in Egypt were not spiritually ready to live in the promised land, so he decided that the generations born after the exodus would enter the promised land.

God told Moses that he was forbidden to enter the promised land.  Moses appealed to God saying, Papa, Can You Hear Me?  Can I at least see it? He was told to go to the top of the mountain and look across the river because On a Clear Day you can see forever. Before his death, he told the people it was As If We Never Said Goodbye.  It’s ok if You Don’t Bring Me Flowers. I gave you my heart and soul for 40 years but now  My Heart Belongs to Me.

While wandering toward the promised land, the children of Israel encountered hostile foes. They avoided some of them, fought to victory against others.  God would not let anyone Rain on Our Parade. They finally arrived at the promised land, which, after all that was the Main Event.  Moses said:  I need someone to take my place.  I Finally Found Someone. Joshua is My Man. He will lead you into the promised land.

He reiterated that they were the Chosen People.  They should depend on each other because People who need people are the luckiest people in the world.