Purim is Coming Soon – Get Prepared for First Annual Latke / Hamentash Debate

Kehillat Chaverim will have a fun and humerous post-service on Shabbat morning, March 23, 2019. Pick your side and prepare to debate during the special Purim themed Kiddush lunch. Which is better- sweet or savory, round or rectangular, fried or baked? You may even want to debate the merits of baked latkes and fried hamentashen.

Vistors are welcome to join us for this special Shabbat and any other Shabbat.

The Kehillah meets in far North Dallas on Crestland Road in the Far North Eruv. For address and directions email info@kehillatchaverim.org


This special Shabbat / Purim event is sponsored by the Texas Jewish Post