Face Mask Project

Kehillat Chaverim signs up for the Texas Million Mask Challenge

Face mask provided to The Heritage Learning Center

Kehillat Chaverim members, Brenda Green-Grossman, Rachelle Raboy, Melanie Morris & Michele Sullum, have formed a sewing circle and the Kehillah has allocated some money from the tzedakah fund so our community can participate in this amazing Tzedakah project. The mask-making challenge, spearheaded by the North Texas Mask Force, puts health care clinics, senior centers, and childcare facilities in need of masks in touch with sewers who can make masks for them. NextDoor links sewers with private individuals are at high risk for infection or who live or work with those who are high risk.

Want to join the project? We still need:

  • Volunteers to cut patterns & sew
  • In-kind donations of fabric (100% cotton), pipe cleaners, & 1/3 inch elastic. Contact info@kehillatchaverim.org to make a donation.

The following mask orders have been fulfilled thus far:

  • 20 HEPA masks sent to The Jewish Hospital at Mercy Health in Cincinnati, OH
  • 10 Fabric masks with removable HEPA inserts delivered to Heritage Learning Center (a day care center currently open because they are caring for the children of medical workers)
  • 30 HEPA masks delivered to Texas Medical Home (a small urgent care center in Richardson)
  • 10 Fabric masks with removable HEPA inserts sent to the staff Ridgemere Senior Living Center
  • 35 HEPA masks made for private individuals who are have underlying health conditions, who have elderly parents, or work as care givers for high-risk individuals.
  • 20 Fabric masks with removable HEPA inserts for private individuals who are elderly or have other conditions that put them at risk.
    Total masks made far: 125 masks

Mask orders in progress:

  • 35 more HEPA masks for individuals who live with, work with, or are themselves at high risk for infection.
  • 25 more fabric masks with removable HEPA inserts for the Heritage Learning Center