Kehillat Chaverim offers both youth and adults the opportunity to observe their bar/bat mitzvah during a regular Shabbat morning service or a weekday service. The purpose of this offering is to allow those children and adults the opportunity to participate in this traditional Jewish lifecycle ceremony. The preparatory education and training leading up to the bar/bat mitzvah service is provided by Kehillah members.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah service offerings include:

  • Shabbat Morning Service – The ceremony will take place during the regular Shabbat morning ceremony. Adhering to the philosophy of the Kehillah, individuals will lead as much or as little of the service they feel comfortable with. The Kehillah believes in embracing all levels of participation as a first step to further future growth and education. Depending on the anticipated number of guests, the service can be held at the Kehillah or at another close by venue.
  • Shabbat Afternoon – A special Shabbat Musaf/Ma’riv/Havdallah service will be scheduled for the celebration. The service will be held at the Kehillah or an alternate venue depending on the number of guests.
  • Monday or Thursday Morning Service – A special weekday morning service will be planned for the traditional Shacharit service. The service will be held at the Kehillah or an alternate venue depending on the number of guests.

Education Requirements

Education and study leading up to the bar/bitzvah will be catered to the individual’s abilities, desires and current level of observance. The anticipated time of study is six months depending on the individual’s background and knowledge. Most students should be able to prepare adequately for their bar/mitzvah in six months.

  • Service Participation – The expectation is that each participant will attend a minimum of fifteen services over a six-month time period.
  • Hebrew Study: The individual should be able to read Hebrew. If the individual is unable to read Hebrew, then a personalized study course will be structured to allow the individual to complete the other educational requirements.
  • Jewish History, Biblical literacy and Jewish philosophy: An individualized study course will be prepared based on the individual’s capabilities. One of the kehillah members will meet with the student every few weeks for personalized education sessions.
  • Torah / Haftorah Tutoring – Kehillah members will work with the student to assist with the preparation for the selected Torah and Haftorah portions selected.
  • Davening – One of the most fulfilling and long-term benefits of a bar/bat mitzvah is the knowledge learned to properly daven in a shul environment. The non-judgmental nature of the Kehillah is an ideal environment to learn or enhance davening skills.

For more information on the Kehillah and participating in either an adult or youth bar/bat mitzvah, contact Joel Roffman at 214-517-9437 or