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Tzav 5779 – Not Again

You might have missed reading last week’s parasha, Vayikra, and are wondering what you’ve missed. You don’t have to worry. In this week’s parashah, Tzav, the laws of sacrifice are completely repeated. Not again! Since our tradition maintains that nothing in the Torah is redundant and that there are no excess, unneeded words, we wonder […]

Beshalach – 5779 – When Are We Going to Get There?

This week’s Torah portion contains many significant narratives demonstrating God’s love for the Jewish people, and the Jews ’response to him. It tells us several of the more striking miracles in our people’s history: the splitting of the Red Sea, the falling of manna from the sky, the providing water from a rock and the […]

Noach 5779 – A Stairway to Heaven

Parashah Noach begins and ends with two great events: the flood in the beginning, Babel and its tower at the end. On the face of it, they have nothing in common. The failings of the generation of the flood are explicit. Babel, by contrast, seems almost idyllic.

After the flood, man again began to multiply and […]

Ki Tavo 5778 – There Will Be Consequences

Parasha Ki Tavo contains one of the most powerful and frightening chapters of the entire Torah. First, there are fourteen verses which outline all the good things which will happen to the Jewish people if they obey God faithfully and observe all the divine commandments. That is the good news. Then comes 54 verses warning […]

Pinchas 5778 – Challenging the Status Quo

In today’s parsha, sandwiched between Pinchas getting rewarded for killing the Simeonite Prince and the Midianite Princess and Moses empowering Joshua to succeed him and lead the people to the land of Israel, is a brief section which is easy to overlook. It deals with how Moses is instructed to divide the Promised Land amongst […]

Emor 5778 – Jewish Conscience

Parshah Emor covers laws regulating the lives and sacrifices of the Kohanim. The set times in the Jewish calendar are named and described for Shabbat and the holidays of Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Pesach, Shavuot, and Sukkot.  God commands the Israelites to bring clean olive oil for the lighting of the menorah.  This parshah ends […]

Parashat Tetzaveh / Shabat Zachor 5778 – Remember…to Forget

Parshah Tetzaveh covers in detail the priestly garments to be worn by the kohanim while serving the sanctuary. It also includes God’s detailed instructions for the seven-day initiation of Aaron and his four sons as kohanim. Tetzaveh is the only parshah in the Torah since Moses’ birth in which Moses’name does not appear. The reason […]


Parashat Vayakhel-Pekudei 5777

In today’s parshah, Moses addresses the whole Israelite community for the first time since his dramatic return from Mount Sinai. Moses gathers the people of Israel and repeats to them all the things God has told him in the previous three parshahs. In this parshah, first, there is the commandment to keep Sabbath. Second, is […]